Buying commercial office furniture can be overwhelming. Capitol Office Furniture makes the process simple, convenient and hassle-free with services to help you every step of the way.

We offer the following services to our customers at no additional charge:

Space Planning

Creating a floor plan for an optimal work environment takes expertise. We start by considering all the variables and requirements, from workflow to noise level.

We’ll want to know not only how many employees you have, but how they work together and how much space is required for each job function. We take into account the locations of all the things your people need during the course of the work day, office equipment and electrical outlets, conference rooms and break rooms.

If you’re downsizing your office and don’t need so many cubicles or workstations, or want to provide a more collaborative work environment, we can help you reconfigure your existing office space to make room for new group work areas that are practical and efficient.

Our goal is to create a workable solution that increases productivity and efficiency for everyone on your team.


The right office design conveys the proper tone for employees and visitors, and can reinforce your unique brand image. Our designers will create a customized look to suit your taste preferences and your budget.

Furniture Style Modern, contemporary, traditional or eclectic to match your style and enhance your workplace. We’ll help you match pieces you have with your new furniture purchases.

Color Palettes for walls, carpet, office furniture and artwork that soothe, invigorate and inspire. We can design to your chosen color scheme or suggest combinations you’ll love.

Seating Comfort, functionality, ergonomics… with Capitol Office Furniture you can have it all. We’ll help you make seating selections that will delight you for your lobby, conference room, offices, workstations, and common areas. You’re sure to find the perfect office chairs and sofas for your unique work space.


Our in house installation technicians will install and arrange your office furniture to your satisfaction, and provide options for removal of existing furniture. Other office furniture companies outsource installation to another vendor, which drives up your price and could jeopardize the level of service you receive. Our installers work only for us, and will install your office furniture in a professional and safe manner, removing boxes and other packing materials from your premises when finished so you’re ready to enjoy your new space.

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